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Getting Started with Disc Golf Wholesale is easy!

  1. Simply shop our products and assortment options and add them to your shopping cart. All prices shown are our opening wholesale price. In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, and to order from our site, you must add a minimum of 25 discs and a $350 order value. No user account is required to receive our opening wholesale price.  
  2. Discounted tiered pricing is available. If your initial order is $750+ and you will be spending a total of $2,000+ annually, you can qualify for our Tier 1 pricing. Register to submit your application for Tier 1 pricing.
  3. When ordering in bulk, feel free to use our Bundles by Brand assortments. This is the most popular way of ordering – these bundles have options to add assorted discs by each brand’s plastic type to your cart quickly and simply.
    • Or, perhaps the easiest way to order is with our Bundles by Quantity. This option enables you to order assorted brands, plastics and weights in quantities of 24, 48, 72, or you can add to your cart in increments of 100. Our experienced warehouse team will pull assorted, best-selling brands, models and plastics for you.
  4. Add your products to the shopping cart, meet the minimum order requirements, and check out!

We do offer shipping to Canadian and International customers. Options vary, so please contact us to discuss your order and we will be happy to help.