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Finnish Westside golf discs are manufactured in Sweden by Latitude 64º. Part of the Trilogy: Latitude, Westside and Dynamic Discs.

We carry Westside discs in these plastics:
BT - formerly Eco1 - soft putter plastic, firm & tacky, not very durable, most economical.
VIP - super durable, transparent look.
Tournament - super durable, great grip in all weather, top of the line.

View the Westside Flight Chart.
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Latitude 64° has updated some of their flight ratings. Please note that some discs may not display the current flight ratings.

We offer these ways to narrow your search. If you have questions, contact us. We are here to help.

Brand: Westside
Disc assortments will include drivers, mid-range and putters in a variety of weights and colors. We send some of the newest releases and discs we know to be popular and solid sellers based on our experience. If you are interested in certain models you can make a request in the notes section before..
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