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Brothers Steve and Bamba Rico fell in love with disc golf at the ages of 7 and 11. During the next 30 years they gained experience being seriously involved, promoting the sport and founding Legacy Discs. Their intent is to provide discs that players say they want but can't get. The company's goal is obtaining player input and creating player designed discs.

We offer discs in these types of plastics:
Excel Edition - great buy at low cost, breaks in quick, great for beginners and lower arm speed throwers.
Protégé Edition - rigid with great grip, most economical, many colors, great for beginners and experienced players.
Pinnacle Edition - is very durable, consistent in all weather, faster than Protégé, many colors.
Icon Edition - durable, grippy, consistent flights in all weather, offers the fastest flight, great into a headwind, many colors.
Gravity Edition - softer and less stable than Protégé, used for putters and mid ranges, tacky and flexible.
Skyline Series - lighter weight Icon and Pinnacle, durable, grippy, more distance, glide and turn, stable return.

Skulboy designs are featured on some Legacy models as well as some MVP and Axiom models. To find a list of all models with Skulboy designs, type 'Skulboy' in the search box and it will populate a full list.

We offer many ways to narrow your search to find the best discs to fit your needs. Research all you can and then let us know if you need more help

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Brand: Legacy
Disc assortments will include drivers, mid-range and putters in a variety of weights and colors. We send some of the newest releases and discs we know to be popular and solid sellers based on our experience. If you are interested in certain models you can make a request in the notes section before..
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