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We carry many Gateway putters. They are available in a wide range of flexibilities and surface grips.

The Shur-Grip or "S" series plastic offers a firm, solid feel, grippy surface, and great performance in the rain or extreme heat. The "S" plastic allows the disc to break in slowly without changing the flight characteristics after just a few hits.

Gateway has recently made changes to flight numbers and plastic types.

Firm (F) Plastic (Formerly known as Soft (S) - firm rim with a slight flex in the flight plate, typically used for a driving and lay up putter, holds up well on wooded holes, doesn’t get too flexible in warmer temperatures.

Super Soft (SS) Plastic - slightly stiff in the rim and pliable in the flight plate, covers a wide range of putting styles, firm enough to be used for driving and laying up.

Super Stupid Soft (SSS) Plastic - flexible in the rim and flight plate, the flex is perfect for flick putts and chest putting.

Super Stupid Silly Soft (4S) Plastic - just about as flexible as a disc can be made and still hold its shape, great for newer player who need the extra grip.

Really Freakin’ Flexible (RFF) Plastic - primarily used for putting, a very soft TPE is added to keep it flexible even in colder weather, a bit more grippy than SSS. (New discs will be listed as 4S.)

For more information on Plastic types, read Gateway Plastic Types
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View the Gateway Flight Chart
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Brand: Gateway
Disc assortments will include Firm, SS, or SSS plastics in a variety of weights and colors based on what we have available. If you are interested in certain models you can make a request in the notes section before checkout. We will adjust your order based on availability. Items received will var..
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