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72 Piece Retail Disc Golf Starter Set - Including Display Rack

72 Piece Retail Disc Golf Starter Set - Including Display Rack

Our 72-Disc Retail Starter Set with Display Rack is one of our bestselling selections for new retailers. This great assortment contains a wide variety of distance drivers, mid-range drivers and putters from various manufacturers, in their various plastics, at different price points, in assorted weights and colors. It also includes a 72-disc Display Rack, 18" wide by 72" tall, that can be wall mounted or free standing. We send some of the newest releases and discs we know to be popular and solid sellers based on our experience. We also will help you with any questions you have to get started, Contact Us.

Over the years we've helped hundreds of stores add disc golf products to their offerings. If you have a storefront of any kind near a disc golf course, then you're in a unique position to benefit from the world's fastest growing sport. In fact, most of our wholesale customers are not sporting goods stores, they are simply businesses that are located at or near a disc golf course. Our retail starter sets are the absolute best way to start selling disc golf products.

We take the guess work out of your foray into the disc golf business. Get started with a proven winner - The 72 Disc Retail Starter Set including 18 Tie-Dyed discs!

Items received will vary from models shown.

Please check out our other retailer starter sets if you want Tie-Dyed discs or a smaller quantity of discs for starters.

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