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Streamline Discs is a company from the minds behind MVP Disc Sports. Streamline produces a classic single piece disc which they call a 'solo-mold' and stamp it with 3-foil standard stock artwork.

The familiar plastics from MVP and Axiom will continue under Streamline, though without the GYRO™ overmold.

Electron Plastic - high-tech baseline material is made of tactile boutique blends for superb grip, designed to wear slowly with use, adding glide and neutral flight with wear. Available in soft and firm flexibilities for putters.

Proton Plastic - premium look and performance material with high durability for a long consistent life, withstands the roughest conditions in transparent candy colors.

Neutron Plastic - premium material offering a premium look and feel with the widest selection of bright opaque colors that are easy to find in any terrain. Neutron shares the same great durability characteristics of Proton.

Plasma Plastic - same durability as Proton and Neutron with premium grip and stunning metallic, color-shift, or pearlescent colors.

Brand: Streamline
Disc assortments will include drivers, mid-range and putters in a variety of weights and colors. We send some of the newest releases and discs we know to be popular and solid sellers based on our experience. If you are interested in certain models you can make a request in the notes section before..
Brand: Streamline
Streamline Sublimated Towel - An essential accessory in any disc golfers bag, these vibrant full-color sublimated towels show off your favorite brands while keeping your discs clean and dry. These large towels have a pocketed texture for added absorption and come with an attached clip to easily secu..
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