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Disc Retrievers

Reduce your chances of losing a disc in the water with a proven disc retriever. Don't be caught without one!

The Hive Disc Claw Disc Retriever grabs discs from both top and bottom claws rather than in between. This allows a greater range of disc resting angles to be captured by the "claws" and pulled into the retriever. Two short claws rather than a full-width wire frame stir up far less dirt and silt that..
The InZone Kwik-Stik Mini Disc Golf Retriever is a great tool to keep in the bag. It is perfect for retrieving discs from creeks, trees, briars, poison ivy, over a fence, in mud, etc. It's is a simple, compact tool you will never want to be without. No longer will you be searching for a small stick!..
The InZone Kwik-Stik XXL Disc Golf Retriever - NEW 4’ LONGER with a FOLDING FRAME HEAD! The XXL is the longest, strongest, easiest and BEST retriever made with a reach up to 21’ and collapses to just 18” (actual length is 18’). Features: Frame Head folds down against the pole and out of t..
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